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The Royal Thai CuisineThe Royal Thai Cuisine
The Royal Thai Cuisine or "Aharn Chao Wang" or "Kapkhao Chao Nai", the original recipes were prepared in the Royal Palaces. The royal Thai cuisine became well-known in the beginning of the Rattanakosin Era when some royal members prepared meals or "Phra Khrueang Ton" for the royal families..

How well do you know the word 'Halal'?How well do you know the word 'Halal'?
Although Muslims make up a substantial part of Thailand's population and 'Halal' seems to be a common term, not so many people know the real meaning of this word. As a global leader in food exports.

Glossary - Thai Delicacy Reveals in the Land of SmilesGlossary - Thai Delicacy Reveals in the Land of Smiles
Did you know how to call Thai food in English? How would you explain to your foreigner friends if they ask you what is the ingredient for the dish? Get to know vocabulary for Thai food; ingredients and instruction to cook.

Thai Noodles (Kuai Tiao)Thai Noodles (Kuai Tiao)
Thai noodles or Kuai Tiao can be easily found anytime and anyplace throughout Thailand. They originated from China and became popular in the country during the rule of Field Marshal Plaek Pibulsongkram. The noodles had been slowly modified into a Thai-style dish. Presently, there are various kinds of noodles in Thailand

Eating (Thai) Street Food SafelyHow to eat Thai street food safely
Although Thai Street Food is so delicious and extremely cheap compared to nobody else in the world, recommended by CNN Go and BBC, you may also have heard negative experience about foreigner getting sick because of Thai Street Food. Is it truly dangerous? Nope! If you are careful enough.

Thai Food & Good HealthThai Food & Good Health
Although Thais cannot claim themselves the healthiest nation in the world but in fact their food can effectively lead you to good shape. Urban Thai lives these days have been affected tremendously by civilized western fast food, hectic schedule and terrible traffic. And the result is, they suffer overweighing.

Tips of Thai foodTips of Thai food…
When we use "featuring" (most of time after a song), we are always talking about a key person or a key thing which contribute remarkably to the first item. And this time we are going to describe Thai foods saying, in a funnier way, they are featuring these following things.

Thai Food Health BenefitsThai Food Health Benefits
Thai cuisine has been well-known and become an international Superstar over the decades; although much of the popularity of Thai food comes from its amazing taste, along with its aesthetic pleasures, many aficionados are only now realizing another of its major virtues: its extraordinary health benefits.

Enjoying a Thai Meal Thai-StyleEnjoying a Thai Meal Thai-Style
One of the great pleasures in life is a good meal and even greater pleasure is a Thai meal, perhaps the greatest, most relaxing, and totally satisfying culinary pleasure is a Thai meal with Thai friends in Thailand; the home of the world's truly great cuisines.

10 Things You Cannot Miss in Bangkok10 Things You Cannot Miss in Bangkok
Although you may have known or even have tasted lots of Thai Food, check yourself again with this checklist and see whether you have passed these following 10 things or not. You will feel "undone" if you miss any of these items.