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Thai Food & Good Health

Although Thais cannot claim themselves the healthiest nation in the world but in fact their food can effectively lead you to good shape. Urban Thai lives these days have been affected tremendously by civilized western fast food, hectic schedule and terrible traffic. And the result is, they suffer overweighing.

The original Thai lifestyle including authentic Thai food, home gardening plus their generosity and open mind are beyond perfect to shape up physically and mentally. Thanks to Thai food ingredients which are mostly useful herbs, Thais have known for a long long time about what they should eat in what circumstances.

Some dishes with vegetables as main ingredients always help digestive system1. This includes "Kang Som" (Hot and sour, fish and vegetable ragout) that contains various vegetables and tamarind paste - very rich in vitamin C. This dish is wholly powerful antioxidant.

In the meantime, Massaman Curry, Thais most favorite dish of the world, has medical benefit in dispelling gas in the stomach. And "Tom Kha Gai" (Chicken Galangal Soup) is best for its anti-rheumatic and antimicrobial benefit1.

Thai Food & Good Health

Tom Yum has been recently studied and announced for its incredible cancer inhibiting ingredients2, which are 100 times more effective than other foods. Many foreigners found Tom Yum another good food to keep them warm in the winter.

   - Lime - Rich in potassium and vitamin C
   - Coriander - Extremely rich in vitamin C and dietary fiber
   - Lemongrass - Good source of iron and potassium, treatment for yeast infections
   - Turmeric - Antioxidant
   - Garlic - Antioxidant, balances blood circulation and cholesterol

There you go! Beloved Thai food for both your tongue and your body!