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How to enjoy Thai Street food

Although Thai Street Food is so delicious and extremely cheap compared to nobody else in the world, recommended by CNN Go and BBC, you may also have heard negative experience about foreigner getting sick because of Thai Street Food. Is it truly dangerous? Nope! If you are careful enough.

Believe me, this is not just about Thailand but apparently you could have poisoned food anywhere if you are not really careful about what and how to eat them.

How to enjoy Thai Street food

4 Golden Rules to Eat Street Food

  1. Freshness and be harmful
    We're talking about fresh fruit and vegetables, especially the vegetables that usually come as side dish for Som Tum and some noodles. Avoid fresh vegetables if you're not sure that the shop has properly washed them. (And better have some at nice restaurant instead). Moreover, Thai tropical fruits are just tempting to try fresh but make sure that they are washed or, at least, peeled.
  2. Ice and Water
    Lots of questions that foreigners have are whether the ice is safe. The ice that is made from ice factory is usually safe as ice cubes. If it comes as crushed ice, be warned that it's not right. However, to question yourself about how good you can identify the safe ice and safe water, there are plenty of 7-11 stores at almost every corner and Bus stops in Thailand where you can get your own bottled drink that you don't have to worry much anymore.
  3. Crowded is cool
    Thais love good food. So, if you find the food that people are just crowded in long queue to eat, that means the food is usually safe (and tasty, too).
  4. Being Cooked and Already Cooked
    The key point is that some stalls sell the already cooked food that is probably left open in several hours with exposure to flies and dust. Hence, you'd better have something that is freshly cooked to make sure that at least, the cooking heat has killed germs.