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Thai Ice Tea (Cha Yen)

Thai Ice Tea (Cha Yen)

Thai Ice Tea has been ranked in 27 out of 50 in CNN most delicious drinks of the world. There are two styles of Thai iced tea: the one with milk called Cha Yen and the other one without milk called Cha Dum Yen. It is a made in a cotton tea sock from strongly-brewed tea; tea ingredients may include added orange blossom water, star anise, crushed tamarind seed or red and sometimes other spices as well. Condensed milk and sugar are mixed with the tea before pouring over crunchy ice and then topped with evaporated milk. The best is served in a plastic bag from street carts, and looks bright orange, but in a good way. Good to try and you might repeat on the next day!

Tips: if you would like to try a good one, you might buy from the stalls where lots of clients stay in the line.

Where: Can be found in all business area: Silom Road, Sukhumvit Road, Siam Square, Jatuchak Weekend Market, Khasarn Road and more.